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-=-=-=-=-=-=- Character Sheet -=-=-=-=-=-=-

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Changing / None-concrete text version: 
Health: 24/24 
Defence: 30/30
Mana: 20/20 
Attack: 24/24 
Gold: 34
Experience: 40/
200 (level 3) 

NPCs Encountered:

Chief Captain Rokaslovit
Master Fung

Dark Orb
Pot Shield (spiked)
6x Fishstuffs (food) 

Spells / Effects: 

Ferrum De Lumine
Mana requirement: 3
Effect: Four shining swords made of shimmering light appear between the biggest threat to the caster and attempt to destroy it. Works best against dark / magical creatures.

Caelum Ejecerunt
Mana requirement: 100
Purpose unknown

Globus Ignis
Mana requirement: 4
Creates an ice ball (size depending upon Constitution and practice, with a chance of luck modifier) that can be thrown to create either a blanket snow effect, a slick ice blanket or sharp shards of up-jutting ice from the ground. In later stages, may be used to fashion ice spears quickly.

Sphaera Gelu
Mana requirement: 4
Casts a fireball in the direction of the caster's pointed hand. Best used against enemies with  - obviously - a weakness to fire or light. The ferocity of the blaze is determained by practice, Constitution and Dexterity for aim.

Sui Sacrificium
Purpose / requirements unknown

Lumen Angelicum
Purpose / requirements unknown



-=-=-=-=-=-=- Character Sheet -=-=-=-=-=-=-

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