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Will be updated as and when.

-=-=-=-=-=-=- Character Sheet -=-=-=-=-=-=-

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Changing / None-concrete text version: 
Health: 10/10 
Defence: 8/8 
Mana: 4/4 
Attack: 24/24 
Gold: 95 
Experience: 0/150 (level 2) 

NPCs Encountered:
Jihal (Items: Scimitar, 3x Wrapped Fish)

Duel knives
x2 Wrapped Fish


Spells / Effects: 

Mana requirement: 0
Effect: Once per full moon, this character turns into a werewolf. While this does mean a very large increase in strength and agility, from that comes a lack of control.

Mana requirement: 2
Effect: Heals any character slightly. A basic healing spell. This cannot cure poisons or remove shrapnal.

Mana requirement: 3
Effect unknown. 


-=-=-=-=-=-=- Character Sheet -=-=-=-=-=-=-

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