Dark Choices 

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Castle Entrance

Welcome, dear player, to a world crafted entirely from the creativity of other players. Fight for your freedom, complete quests or simply explore the land! But be wary - there is an insidious evil lurking somewhere within this land... 

This is a create-your-own-adventure style role-playing game, where you may choose any class, any species, with any speciality! The DM (Dungeon Manager) will do his or her best to keep things balanced, fair, and ultimately entertaining. Anybody can join at any time, but new players will start with new characters, which will be level 1 and thus have their stats low accordingly - thus, it's suggested that you not venture into another party's role-playing thread unless you seek to hinder their performance or have a death wish or something, I don't know. 

Team up with some friends or go solo in a brand new quest over in our Forums now! A new thread will be waiting for you, so pick whichever you wish, and get ready for an adventure!

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